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We're always looking for new helpers to get involved with the Border-to-Border Trail! Volunteers can help by tabling at outreach events, helping with events and by keeping the trail through our Adopt-A-Trail program. 

If you're interested in getting involved, please contact Bob at or by phone at (734) 487-9058. New volunteers are always paired with more experienced volunteers and will also receive more detailed emails about current B2B projects.


For more information on events and outreach, watch for announcements on our Facebook page and email discussion group.


The Friends of the B2B Trail has an “Adopt A Trail” program in place where volunteers keep watch over an off-road section of the Trail, report problems if they see any, and also do light maintenance such as picking up trash, making sure bike repair stands are in working order, or clipping vegetation growing over the Trail.

Want to Adopt-A-Trail? 

Sign up for the Friends of the B2B's email list to stay informed of opportunities to adopt a trail! Below are adoptable sections of the Trail starting at the far eastern portion of Washtenaw County and going west. Please note that sections of the Trail, especially in the City of Ypsilanti and Dexter, are on-road and not listed for adoption at the present time. Click on the links on each section to bring up a map of that section.  












Adopt-A-Trail Volunteer Guidelines


Volunteer duties include:


  • Pick up trash (although for the most part, the B2B stays remarkably trash-free).


  • Report serious problems (potholes, major downed branches, missing direction signs, etc.)


  • During the “green” warmer months, trim back (with hand-tools) vegetation that obstructs the trail



It is requested that volunteers patrol their Trail section 2-4 times a month. 


Volunteer Commitment:

Adopt A Trail Section volunteers are requested to volunteer until the end of a calendar year (December 31). During the month of January we will audit the volunteer list and contact you about serving for another calendar year. 


Reporting More Serious Problems:

If volunteers come across more serious problems, such as trees down across the Trail, potholes, vandalism, or missing Trail signage, please call Bob Krzewinski at 734-387-9058 (home) or 734-218-3307 (cell). He can also be contacted at Please be as specific as possible where the Trail problem is, as different Trail sections are administered by different contacts. 


Winter Reports:

While it is a continuing campaign by the Friends of the Border To Border Trail to keep the Trail open (i.e. plowed) between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, long-term agreements between property managers has been problematic. The City of Ann Arbor, however, has been good about clearing their sections of Trail within a reasonable amount of time after a major snowfall. Trail volunteers then with Ann Arbor adopted Trail sections are requested to turn in reports to the Friends if an Ann Arbor Trail section is not cleared within 3-4 days of a significant snowfall. 


Helpful Hints:


  • Trail work by bicycle – This is perhaps the fastest way to do volunteer Trail work. If using a bike, consider bringing along (in a bicycle bag or pannier) water, bug spray and a cell phone. 


  • Trimming vegetation – The summer months often causes vegetation to hang over sections of the Trail that requires trimming a couple times over the summer. It is suggested that all trimming work be performed with a mechanical (not electric or gas) hedge trimmer. Also, garden gloves are suggested as some vegetation (i.e. buckthorn) can have thorny branches). Also, to dispose of cut vegetation, please move this to an adjacent vegetation area.


  • Interacting with the public – When doing Trail work, interaction with the public is appreciated as many people are on the path but not aware of the Border To Border Trail. Consider telling them to consult the Friends webpage, for more information. 


  • Law enforcement interaction – While it has not happened yet, if doing Trail work and law enforcement questions your activities, simply tell them that you are with the Friends Of The Border To Border Trail performing volunteer Trail work, and the Friends works with the Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Commission (the controlling government agency of the Trail). 

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