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Another Bike Repair Station Along The B2B

Now open is a new Dero bicycle repair stand (click here for a short video how the stands work) along the B2B Trail just south of the Eastern Michigan University Convocation Center (map of location at https://goo.gl/maps/FUAg6f56wPD7mGjF6). The repair stand, courtesy of grant from the REI Co-Op (www.rei.com), features a set of tools, an air pump with pressure gauge, a QR code that takes you to videos over your phone that cover common bike repairs, and a repair stand (using two metal “arms” where you can locate your bike as you work on it. This repair stand also features a “pump-stop” that you can roll a bike tire into to make it stable when you use the air pump. Also a big "thank you" to the EMU Physical Plant for donating a mounting pad for the stand as well as doing the installation.